Three word testimonials


Who’s got time to read the waffle people normally put on these kinds of pages? Exactly. So I’ve asked the good people I work for to narrow their kind comments down to a strict word count – one didn’t feel enough, two is asking for trouble and three seemed just right.

They sound even better if you read them in a action-movie-trailer-voice and imagine explosions in the background.


“Infectiously enthusiastic creative.”

Maria Vardy, Managing Director, Jaywing


“Always over delivers.”

Eddie Gold, Social Media Director, Adam&EveDDB


“What a guy.”

Mike Holmes, Managing Director, Of Creative


“Briefs fear him.”

Bew Knox, Creative Director, We Are Branding


“Surprisingly well employed.”

Ash Billinghay, Copywriter/Twerp, Jaywing


“Shameless praise junkie.”

Dee Atkin, Copy Director, Story Catchers


“Will this do?”

Lynda Caine, Creative Director, The Forge Advertising and Design


“Clever copy crafter.”

Janie Ash, Managing Director, Better with JAM


“Absolutely nailed it!”

Pippa Brown, Senior Account Manager, CreativeRace


“Potty mouthed daughter.”

The Sun


“Mobile ideas factory.”

Simon Ransley, Head of Copy, Jaywing


“Stop emailing me.”

Jim Bowen, Bullseye


“Walks the walk.”

Kristian Moors, Creative Director, Moors Creative


“Bold, Beardy, Wordsmithery.”

Graeme Johnson, Great Ape Consulting


“He gets it.”

Scott McKenzie, Account Director, CreativeRace


“Brave little soldier.”

Stu’s mum